HPC goodies in Guix 0.14.0

Ludovic Courtès — December 8, 2017

Version 0.14.0 of Guix was announced yesterday. In this post we look at the many goodies that made it into Guix during this release cycle.

Over the 1,200+ packages added since the 0.13.0 release are many noteworthy HPC additions.

Dave Love of the University of Manchester made a number of contributions on the high-performance networking side:

The collection of HPC profiling tools has grown:

Linear algebra packages have seen some changes:

As far as numerical simulation is concerned:

  • The OpenFOAM C++ computational fluid dynamics package was contributed by Paul Garlick of Tourbillion Technology.

There’s been a lot of activity in bioinformatics, leading to a total of almost 300 bioinformatics packages, notably with the addition of the following packages:

Changes to core Guix relevant to HPC include:

  • guix-daemon gained the --listen command-line option that we covered recently, and which is handy when installing Guix cluster-wide.
  • The new guix import json command provides a smooth way for newcomers to get started writing new package definitions.
  • aarch64 portability fixes were contributed by Eric Bavier of Cray, Inc.

Enjoy the new release!

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