Videos of the 2023 workshop are on-line

Céline Acary-Robert, Pierre-Antoine Bouttier, Ludovic Courtès, Alexandre Dehne-Garcia, Simon Tournier — January 29, 2024

Back in November, the First Workshop on Reproducible Software Environments for Research and High-Performance Computing was held in Montpellier, France. Coming from France primarily but also from Czechia, Germany, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Spain, and the United Kingdom to name a few, 120 people—scientists, high-performance computing (HPC) practitioners, system administrators, and enthusiasts alike—came to listen to the talks, attend the tutorials, and talk to one another.

Group picture of the attendees on Friday, November 10th, 2023.  By Tess Gobain.

Our ambition was to gather people from diverse backgrounds with a shared interest in improving their research workflows and development practices. The 11 talks and 8 tutorials, along with the hallway discussions and group dinner (very nice!), have allowed us to share skills and experience.

Today, we’re publishing videos of the talks including short interviews with the speakers (tutorials were not recorded but supporting material is linked from the program).

Our gratitude goes to the video team at Institut Agro for taking care of the live stream during the event and for editing those videos—thank you! Many thanks to our publicly-funded academic sponsors who made this event possible: ISDM, our primary sponsor for this event, Institut Agro for hosting the workshop in such a beautiful place, and EuroCC² and Inria Academy for their financial and logistical support.

“When will be the second workshop?”, participants would ask as we were wrapping up. We don’t know yet, but if you’d like to host the next edition or to sponsor it, do get in touch with us!

The bonus video below will give you a feel of what the event in Montpellier was like…

Download video.

Video by Institut Agro’s video team, published under CC-BY-NC 3.0. Guix artwork by Luis Felipe published under CC-BY-SA 4.0.


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