General scientific and statistics packages

The guix-science channel provides 732 packages. It can be obtained by writing a snippet along these lines to ~/.config/guix/channels.scm and then running guix pull:

  (list (channel
          (name 'guix-science)
          (url "")
          (branch "master")
                "CA4F 8CF4 37D7 478F DA05  5FD4 4213 7701 1A37 8446")))))

To obtain substitutes (pre-built binaries) for the packages provided by this channel, configure your system to fetch substitutes from the URL below and authorize the corresponding key:
  (curve Ed25519)
  (q #89FBA276A976A8DE2A69774771A92C8C879E0F24614AAAAE23119608707B3F06#)))

Packages732 packages
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