Reproducible Research Hackathon—let’s redo!

Simon Tournier — May 12, 2023

It's time to run the second Reproducible Research hackathon! The first one was from... 2020, already! The date: Tuesday June, 27th. Start: 9h30 (CEST) End: 17h30.

Update: Check out this report about the hackathon.

We propose to collectively tackle some of the issues about reproducible research:

  • identify stumbling blocks in using Guix to write end-to-end pipelines,
  • document how to achieve this,
  • feed the Guix-Past channel by other old packages,
  • provide guix.scm for some papers already published.

Anyone is welcome! Feel free to join if you would like to hack with us.

We suggest to pick articles from the ReScience C or COMPUTO – they provide a high level of transparency about the materials required for redoing. The best experiment would to choose articles from 2020. As a warm up, maybe Courtès, L., Storage Tradeoffs in a Collaborative Backup Service for Mobile Devices? Or else from the Ten Years Reproducibility Challenge which took advantage of GNU Guix. If you prefer to work on your own topic that you would like to redo, you are welcome.

We will meet Tuesday 27th June at 9:30 CEST on the #guix-hpc channel of You can use this web client (set the nickname you wish) to reach us. We will provide a link for one BigBlueButton instance (video meeting), stay tuned!

▶ Join us on BigBlueButton at 9:30 CEST! ◀

Here’s a pad 🗒 for note-taking during the day.

At the end of day, we would like to draw the lines of an experiment report summarizing the successes or the roadblocks.

There's a lot we can do and we'd love to hear your ideas!

Drop us an email at

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